Lebed Asset Management, helping individuals and
families build wealth through contrarian investing.

Lebed Asset Management is an independent registered investment adviser providing high-quality investment management services to high net worth individuals and families across
the country.

The firm was founded in 2003 based on the belief that capital markets are dominated by
short-term thinking and a herd instinct.  Too often individual investors follow the crowd and investment results suffer.  By contrast, we seek to take an independent view and exploit the market’s excessive focus on today’s headlines to benefit our clients over the long haul.

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Our investment philosophy helps guide clients through changing markets.

Stocks at the Core

We believe that putting stocks at the core of an investment portfolio provides the ideal foundation for achieving long term financial goals and objectives.


We believe that diversification is an essential element of risk management.  Diversifying portfolios applies within and across asset classes.

Disciplined Process

We believe in a disciplined investment process that minimizes emotion.  We believe that adhering rigorously to this process can improve long-term results.

Contrarian Investing

We believe that capital markets are frequently dominated by short-term thinking and a herd instinct.  These tendencies create opportunities for investors who take the long view.

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